Tips to pick the right sofa for your living room

Most living rooms or drawing rooms in India would seem incomplete without a sofa set occupying the heart of the living space. However, not all sofas necessarily bear the ‘welcome’ appeal. While some may look good but not as comfortable when seated in, others may look out of place as far as the décor goes. Here are a few simple tips that may help you to choose the right sofa for your living room.

1.    Pick as per your space, not what looks best in the store
When we visit a furniture store, more often than not, sofas are placed alongside complementing décor and accessories. While they may catch your eyes, it's better to take a pause and think through the décor at your own place where you will set the sofa. If you can visualize that sofa as per your home décor or if you have decided to alter it to fit in the sofa, feel free to go ahead. Just don’t get carried away.

2.    Don’t go for style at the cost of comfort
Oh, that straight back sleek seat! Who would not want to sit on it and get a selfie clicked? So far, so good. But have you tried sitting on it for a while? If not, please do. Living space sofas are meant to host guests, which means relatively long catch up chats. If the sofa is not comfortable, has sunken seats or tend to get too soft in the long run, what’s the point of buying it?

3.    Size does matter
Small sofa set, how cute…large sofa set, how grand. Is that all you need to consider? No. When you are deciding to buy a sofa, please make sure to measure the space where you would be placing it. Measure both length and breadth and then measure the dimensions of the sofa you have shortlisted to see if it will fit in well in your home, without having to face any hassles later on.

4.    Textile and fabric are critical too
You have been dreaming about that classy leather back couch. Nice, hope you have also thought through about how you are going to maintain it. Bright vibrant fabrics are again very attractive but do make sure about their cleaning needs.  A lot depends on its expected usage. Do you have young kids in your family or pets? Consider these factors and then decide what kind of fabric will be best for you to maintain well.

5.    Quality vs Cost
We understand that you would like to have the best value for your money. We all do. In that pursuit, we often go for deals and offers too, which is fine. However, it's better not to be completely taken in by the ‘cost factor’ only. Sofas are a long-term investment, after all, you don’t change them as frequently as your clothes! So let’s not jump the gun and purchase a poor quality product just because it was coming at a dirt-cheap rate. Take a well-calculated decision. If you are not convinced about the quality, better not buy it. On the other hand, if you think the sofa has everything that you are looking for in terms of quality, comfort, and durability, you may want to loosen your purse strings a bit.
Hope the above simple tips would help you the next time you are planning to get your new sofa. With these in mind, we are sure you will find the right choice and you can always discuss these with the furniture experts at Solidwood. Happy to help.