As the term ‘contemporary’ indicates, it is to do with anything which is in the current times. So contemporary furniture is our collection of some of the most breath-taking pieces of work, designed and crafted in sync with the current trends.

Be it a bed or couch or table or a book shelf, each furniture item is representative of what’s in vogue. Nothing is regular about it. We offer dynamic design styles and thus they are so trendy. The feeling of ‘we-have-seen-this-before’ is the last thing that may cross your minds when you are making a tour of our contemporary collection. So taking cues from elements that are positively popular in our life, our craftsmen put their creative minds together to design and craft articles that are absolutely fresh in their visual and aesthetic appeal and will also last you a lifetime!

The designs could be as minimal or as elaborate as you can imagine, and the best part is that you can go wild in teaming them up with beautiful, flashy or elegant accessories like cushion covers or wall arts. We primarily use natural woods, fabrics and texture for this collection. Often you would find some items are sleek and yet bold in their look.

However, the underlining point to note is that no matter how different and unique an individual furniture may look, they are all comfortable, sturdy and durable which is the core of our products.